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Does sell forklifts?

No, does not own any forklifts listed on We are the web company that allows forklift sellers to post forklifts on

Does sell parts?

No, does not buy or sell any parts.

How do I post photos onto

If you are a forklift reseller and you are currently not a member or you do not have a user name & password, click on the "selling a forklift" button from the home page then click “reseller/dealer". Select the “join now” button & complete the form. After your membership has been activated enter your user name & password in the members section and select “submit new listing”. Follow the onscreen instruction for uploading photos to the site. If you are a forklift end user and would like to advertise your equipment on, click on the "selling a forklift" button from the home page, then click "user/non-dealer". Select the “join now” button & complete the registration form. After your membership has been activated enter your user name & password in the members section and select “submit new listing”. Follow the onscreen instruction for uploading photos to the site. If you are a forklift reseller and already have a user name & password go directly to the members section, log in and select ?upload photos?. Follow the onscreen instruction for uploading photos to the site. Acceptable image formats are .jpg, .png and .bmp only. Other file formats may not be recognized by the server. If you use a specific file format, please contact us. Optimum image dimension is 1920x1080 or higher.

How much does it cost to list forklifts on

If you are a forklift reseller we charge a flat monthly rate of $99 per month for our PREMIUM membership plan which includes unlimited listings or $49 per month for our LIMITED membership plan which includes up to 10 listings. If you are a forklift end user or non-reseller, our Advantage plan includes up to 5 listings for $69 per year or choose our Advantage Plus plan which includes 25 listings for $129 per year. All plans include 25 images per listing.

How am I billed?

When you complete the registration form on our website you were required to enter a billing address and contact address. The contact address is the address that appears below your equipment listing. The billing address is the address where the invoice will be mailed. Invoices are mailed no later than 15 days after equipment posting. You may also choose to be billed via email by selecting that option from the registration form on our website. An email invoice will be sent on the 1st or 15th of every month. This invoice is printable for your records. Bills can also be sent quarterly of yearly if you choose. The customer understands by submitting listings on they agree to the terms and conditions as described here: user agreement in addition to the recurring monthly fee for the selected membership. Invoices are mailed within 15 days of equipment listings and auto renew monthly unless an alternate billing cycle was selected. To cancel your membership, please contact our customer support department by calling 1.800.867.3675 *Alternative rates apply to user/non-resellers.

I've lost my password how do I retrieve it?

Go to the members page under "forgot password"? and enter the email address that was used to sign onto

How do I know if I'm logged in?

If you go to the members page

Why is my home computer not logged in?

If you entered your passwords on your work computer, that computer will be permanently logged in until you select the log out button. When you use your home computer you must log in one time in order for it to remain permanently logged in.

What if I bring customers to work to show them my forklift pictures on the web and don't want them to see the wholesale prices?

From the members page you will need to choose the bottom marked log off". This will reveal the retail prices.

How do I change my password?

Contact us via email at

Will other people at my company have the ability to change prices and edit descriptions of my forklifts?

Yes, if your computer is logged in anyone can use your computer to modify any of the forklifts information. This will only work from your logged in computer. No other computers in the building, unless they have your password can modify your forklifts description. One way to prevent this would be to log off.

How long will my photo(s) be on the site?

Your photo(s) will remain on our site for 90 days or until your forklift is sold. To ensure the quality and freshness of our site, your listing will automatically expire after 90 days. Your equipment will not be viewable by anyone other than yourself. You will be notified via email when your listing's expire and a link will be sent to extend your listings. You will not be required to re-enter any forklift information. You review the listing and select "repost" or "delete".

How do I delete a forklift?

To delete a forklift you must be logged in. From the members page select "edit my inventory" and find the the forklift you wish to delete. Check box the delete button and select "save all". Or from the members page select "view my inventory" click the small picture and scroll to bottom and click "delete this forklift". To delete all forklifts at one time , go to the members page and select "delete my inventory".

How do I make changes to my email address or street address?

Send us your updated information via email to or call us @ 800 867 3675 outside the U.S. 630 759 4799

Can I add or delete email addresses to your email list?

Yes, email any changes to or call us at 800 867 3675 outside the U.S. 630 759 4799

How many hits does receive?

Please contact us for current, real time statistics.

If I'm not a forklift reseller do I need a password to log onto the site?

No listings are free to browse for forklift users and no passwords are required.

If I'm not a forklift reseller can I still advertise my forklifts on the site?

Yes, go to the "selling a forklift?" section of our website and follow the onscreen instructions for User/Non-Dealer.

If I'm not a forklift reseller and choose to advertise my forklifts on the site, how will my photos stand out from all the rest of the forklifts on the site?

Forklifts submitted by User/Non-Dealers appear on the site with the word “For Sale by User” above the image of the listing.

If I'm not a forklift reseller can I still buy forklifts from the site?

Will I be charged for buying a forklift from the site? There is no charge for buying forklifts on

If I'm not a forklift reseller can I view lease returns also?

At this time, most lease companies have chosen to sell only to forklift resellers. Please check back in the future as this could change.

How much does it cost to use the email programs?

A $29 month Plus membership is required to use our email systems. This includes the "trade-in value", "forklift router” and "email search" tool.

How do I join the email list to receive leads, forklifts that come available or trade in values?

You must be a forklift reseller to be included on the list. If you have completed the registration form on our website you will be automatically added to the list.

What if I don't want to receive emails of all brands of forklifts and only want to receive specific brands of forklifts from the email list?

Once logged in, forklift resellers can filter the type of emails they receive from other forklift resellers. Users can filter by make, type and location of equipment. The settings can be found in the members log in page under “edit my email settings” section.

How do I view lease returns only from the major leasing companies?

At this time, forklift resellers may go to the "advanced search" area and check box the button marked "lease returns only" to see only lease return forklifts. No other forklifts from dealers or end users will appear while this box is checked. If this box is unchecked, the lease returns will be mixed with all other units on the site.

Can I post equipment on the website without a photograph?

No, at this time only leasing companies have the ability to submit photos without images.

If I don't find the forklift I'm looking for on what do I do next?

If you've exhausted your search options on the advanced search page, and no results are returned, a form will appear that reads "Cant find the forklift you're looking for on" Once the form appears, complete the form by entering the type of forklift you were looking for including your company name, state & email address. At the bottom of the page click the button "send this email". An email will be generated asking for assistance in locating your specific forklift. Your email will be sent to various dealers, wholesalers and independent lift trucks companies qualified to help you locate a forklift. Additionally, we have placed a link to this form above the advanced search page labeled “Email search”. Click the link and complete the form as described above.

I keep getting "no results found" with a form that reads "can't find the forklift you're looking for".

Try broadening your search by omitting some drop down menus. Example: leave out price, fuel, mast or location.

I entered the description of my forklift in the trade-in value email but never received any replies or received "no bid". does not assign any trade-in values. Trade-in values are constantly changing and can vary dramatically from forklift to forklift. Prices can vary based on market conditions, overall condition, manufacturer, hours of use, location and many other factors. It is for this reason trade-in forklifts are emailed to dealers and wholesalers qualified to establish current prices rather than depend on a fixed calculator to determine a forklifts value.

What exactly does the forklift router do?

The forklift router is simply a marketing tool primarily for dealers and forklift resellers. It allows forklift resellers to broadcast market several forklifts at a time and route them to other forklift resellers that are interested in the brand unit.

I just joined the site and tried using my new password but it doesn't allow me to log in?

If you just joined the site, it may take up to 48 hrs for your passwords to be activated. ( screens all potential members.) An email will be sent indicating your password has been activated. If you are not a forklift reseller and do not plan on submitting photos on you will not receive a password.

I don't see the icon of the forklift I am looking for on the home page?

If the forklift you are looking for does not appear in the icons on the home page, you will need to go to the "advanced search". Once on the search page, select the drop down menu marked "choose a type". From that menu you will see several different types of forklifts, choose one and select search. If you are still unsure of the type you require, contact us at 800 867 3675 outside the U.S. 630 759 4799 or email

Why are prices not listed on all the forklifts?

Some dealers choose not to list their prices on for several reasons.

Why don't the lease companies have photos of their forklifts?

Due to the nature in which lease companies acquire their equipment, it may be impossible to view all these units or photograph all these units as it would not be cost effective. Most lease returns are scattered all across the United States.

What is the best monitor setting for viewing

This is a great question. In the late 90's most monitor resolutions were set to 640x480 which made text & icons appear very large on your screen. This setting gives you less screen area and requires you to scroll web pages not only up & down but left to right as well. Today most monitors are usually set to 1024x768 or higher from the factory. This means text & icons appear smaller on your screen but it is less likely you will need to scroll web pages left to right or up & down. At this setting you can generally see a lot more of the web page you are looking at with a lot less scrolling. has been optimized for viewing at 1024x768 or higher.

How do I contact the seller to buy a forklift?

Easy, when you find the forklift you're looking for, click the picture and you can view all the contact information from that window.