Fraud Awareness Tips


A Message on Deceptive Emails and Websites

We are aware that some of our customers have received fraudulent emails from senders posing as representatives. The recipients are urged to complete the sale of a forklift listed on our site.

We take your security seriously, so please be aware of our position on transactions that are initiated through listings on

We do not get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers.  We will never send you an email encouraging you to complete the sale of a forklift listed on our site or ask for payment information.

We do not verify information about buyers or sellers.  We will never send you an email assuring you that a transaction is secure or that we've verified information about a particular buyer or seller.

We do not offer escrow services.  We are not affiliated with nor do we endorse any escrow services.

If you receive a suspicious email and doubt it came from, please report it. Forward the message as is to


Common-Sense Advice for Sellers

Selling a forklift online is a lot like advertising through a classified ad in the newspaper. Use the same good judgment on Whether you're communicating with a buyer over the phone or via the Internet, the following tips can help you protect yourself against fraud so you can sell with confidence.

Confirm contact information.  Before you release the forklift, verify the buyer's address and phone number. An email address is not enough. Be particularly wary if the buyer is located overseas.

Secure payment first.  Do not release the forklift until you have the equivalent of cash at the agreed upon purchase price. Use caution if the buyer proposes a complicated payment arrangement, such as a payment process that involves multiple steps; receiving payment through a friend or agent of the actual buyer; or receiving a check for more than the purchase price and writing the buyer a check for the difference.

Beware of counterfeit cashiers and certified checks. Before you deposit a check into your account, ask the issuing bank to verify that the check is genuine and that the account contains sufficient funds to cover the check amount. Wait until the check clears before transferring the title.

Consider reliable escrow services.  For additional security, you may choose to use a dependable escrow service. Shop carefully there are an increasing number of fake escrow services. Don't turn your money over until you've fully checked the service out. And be sure you understand all terms of the escrow arrangement. As previously mentioned, does not endorse any escrow services.

As in all consumer transactions, there is no substitute for a healthy skepticism and your own good judgment. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.